Hounds Pick Up Sloppy Win Over Jammers

The Hounds put up 8 in the first half inning and never looked back, blowing out the Jammers 18-3 in 5 innings at Winnemac.

Brian Lehman fired strikes at a 75% clip, striking out 8, walking none, and holding the Jammers to 3 runs.

The Hounds totaled 16 hits on the day. Tim Riggenbach (LF), Philip Oweimrin (RF), Arron Kruse (SS/3B?!), Brandon Jessee (C), Nick Albanese (EH), and Phil Zelenka (2B) all collected multiple hits for Hounds. Riggenbach went 3-for-3 at leading the Doggos in hits. Cole Thompson (CF) blasted an “inside”-the-park home run.

Weather-permitting, the Hounds stand to do it again, same time and same place tomorrow.