French, Hounds Cut Mustard vs Dodgers

Starting in the Wednesday Simeon daylight, the Hounds handed the Dodgers their second loss of the season, improving to 8-3 on the season and staying in the thick of the top of the CMBA standings.

Colin French got the start for the first time since May 18. The southpaw got his money’s worth, tallying a season-high 102 pitches while holding the CMBA run-per-game scoring leader Dodgers to 2 runs. Entering the contest, the Dodgers claimed 10.1 runs per game, they now claim 9.5.

The Hounds posted an early 3-0 lead, whacking three doubles in the first inning (Sells (SS), Jessee (RF), Lehman (EH)). The Dodgers wouldn’t score in their first four frames, French and his tightened-up defense stranding 9 runners. Defensive highlights include a sliding theft of a liner in shallow right by “Cap” Jessee and a long legged Eddy (CF) nabbing of a liner in right center.  Responding to ceding a run on an RBI fielder’s choice by Joe Malafronte, the Dodgers loaded the bases on a pair of singles and a walk. The #7-hitter lined a single to clear the bases and put his team on the board. Reliever Mike “Sizzle” DiCola quickly settled down, getting the last out of the inning and striking out the side to get out of the following inning.

The sixth gave the Hounds cushion, a trio of HBPs and a handful of walks gifted the Hounds 3 runs, a double from Eddy at the top converted 2 more for runs, culminating in a 9-3 Hounds lead. The Dodgers hit a rally-killing homer to start the seventh, DiCola demanding a fresh ball as the umpire gawked at the longball. He then induced a grounder ROE, an in-the-lights infield pop-up out, a no-doubter fly to right out, and a game ending fielder’s choice out.

The Doggos bounced back from Sunday’s disappointment by knocking off the league leading Dodgers, giving “Big T” his first in-person glimpse at a 2023 win, a sight fellow fans Susie and Mel are by now accustom to. They celebrated with another hometown favorite, a bit of ice cream from the Original Rainbow Cone, meeting up with Anne “First Day of the Rest of My Life” O’Neill. The Hounds will have a jammin’ weekend, hosting the Jammers Saturday and Sunday morning at Winnemac.