Hounds TCB against Blazers

The Hounds made efficient work of the Blazers, playing the minimum required innings in a 15-0 dispatch of the Blazers.

French got the start, going all four innings, allowing no runs on one hit, striking out eight and walking one.

Wasting no time, the Hounds put up 5 runs in the first and another 6 in the second, the latter of which included a long-ball by Garret Eddy (CF). Eddy’s was the first of two dingers on the day, the other recorded by Nick “I Told You I can Hit” Albanese (1B) who smoked a liner over the fence. Other novelties include Conway (EH) walking and making contact from the left side of the plate.

The Hounds will be treated to a doubleheader of the Sox on Saturday at Winnemac.