Comeback Dashed by Sox Walk-off HR

The Hounds erased a eight run lead, tying the game in the last inning, but could not hold on for the W as a Sox hitter walloped a dinger to walk-off the game 12-11. Despite the ultimate outcome, the Hounds father’s day guest manager, “Big T” Correa was left feeling proud of his fightin’ Doggos.

Eric Frontzak started the game and pumped strikes at a 64% clip, keeping the opponent to 4 earned runs over 3.1 innings. Rookie reliever Della Romano also held fast for 1 earned run. Closer Matt “Cutter” Burch would close the game, complementing his monstrous 2-double, 2-single offensive day. His only earned run came on the decisive homer in the bottom of the seventh.

Errors haunted the game, resulting in the remaining 6 unearned runs. Although, Arron Kruse, a guest-star himself in left-field, “stole” two long drives for outs from the Sox manager and reigning league MVP.

The guest-manager made the following comments after the game:

First of all, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to manage the game on Wednesday. In the 4th inning when we were down by 8 runs I was told that I was given “the worst father’s day gift ever”. That statement could not of been farther from the truth. What a comeback by the Hounds, scoring 8 runs in the last 2 innings to tie the score at 11. We did fall a little short losing the game 12-11.

I have been around baseball a very long time and it goes to show you that you can always learn something new. On Wednesday that’s exactly what happened thanks to Brian Lehman. There was an amazing low hanging full moon in view directly behind home plate. Several Hounds were observing the site when I decided to take a look. I was stopped by Brian to be told I was probably too short to see the moon. Who knew ?

Learned something new.
Thanks Brian
Big “T”

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