Hounds Avoid Slaughter, Left Wondering Why

The Hounds forced a full-length slog Sunday morning vs the Blazers, preferring a 18-11 loss to going quietly in the 5th inning with a semblance of dignity.

The “Charlie bullpen day” did not go as planned, to say the least, as the veteran teammates seemingly competed for the most hits allowed (the reliever edged out the starter 11-10). In support, the Hounds defense provided a surely under-calculated 7 errors.

The boisterous Blazers scored in every inning offered to them, reaching a peak, slaughter-eligible 12-0 lead in the fifth inning before coughing up a stay of execution. The Hounds benefited from an 8-walk, 3-error inning to inch within 3 runs. They would inch no closer, however, and would further symbolize the day on a scorekeeper-baffling little league grand slam on an 1-2 count to a batter who swung at a pitch in the opposing dugout.

Despite the Hounds having a mathematical chance to win the game, it was neither enjoyable to play or watch. The fathers Correa and Burch spent most of the post-game brunch rightfully skewering their sons’ team, swearing up and down that upwards of 6-7 runs were scored on the aforementioned franchise-low play. Sorrowfully, also in attendance were the visiting family of Jocelyn, as well as Laura Burch, Melanie, and Linda Correa. Ian “Baby” Burch was also in the stands, but hopefully was meaningfully distracted by his new-to-him vintage T-ball bat. Warren Ciabattoni, who went 1-for-2 and filled in RF for the depleted squad, later apologized for wearing purple sox and inflicting “Jammers vibes” upon the losing club.

The Hounds will get back on the horse, presumably, Tuesday against the Marlins.