Errors, Electrons Recruit Difference in Hounds Loss

The Hounds offensive surged continued as they out-hit their rivals 16 hits to 9, but 5 errors and 4 RBIs by a-one-that-got-away recruit resulted in a Saturday morning one-run loss at Baseball Alley.

Mike “Sizzle” DiCola made his first start of the season and performed well, recording 2 earned runs and only one walk over his 4 innings of work.

Despite never having a lead, the Hounds played tough, keeping the game close throughout. The Electrons eeked runs in the first and second before the Hounds narrowed their lead on a Lehman RBI double to make it 2-1. The Trons tacked on 2 more in response in a inning mercifully punctuated by pickle, the shortstop making the best of an error with the starting pitcher tagging and stranding what would have been a bases loaded continuation of the inning. The Doggos inched within one in the top of the 4th, converting three consecutive singles by Riggenbach, Rondon, and Zelenka into two runs on a pair of RBI FCs from the bottom of the order (Correa, DiCola).

Electron Rookie Steve Anderson, who declined an invitation to join the Hounds, then blasted the first of his two HRs with a cannon blast off of a garage roof across the alley in center field. The next score wouldn’t come until he did it again in the sixth putting some cushion into their advantage at 8-3. But, refusing to die, the Hounds put up a 2-out rally in their last inning. After the first two batters of the inning went quietly, Tony Correa ROEd and DiCola whacked one of the right field fence, turning over to the top of the order for a trio of singles by Jessee, Thompson, and Burch to pull them within one run. Although the tying run made it to third, they could not convert and the defeat was sealed.

On the bright side, the weather was beautiful and the game was well attended. The Wee Baby Ian Burch tossed balls and toddled all around the Baseball Alley complex, keeping busy with the extended Hounds family and giving his Mother, Laura, a rare chance to interact with adults. Ross and Susie (out of town guest and in-town lover of Brandon Jessee, respectively), Anne (admirer/wife of Tim Riggenbach), and the fathers Correa and DiCola and mother Linda Correa also shared in the patch of shade on the third base side. Melanie even managed to eventually drag her hungover-self from the car’s air-conditioning to join the supporter’s section. The Hounds will take on the Rebels Monday night at the same place.

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