Hounds Bang Big Ol’ W

A second inning surge propelled the Hounds to a big, short 14-2 win on Wednesday night, bringing some balance to their recent BABIP woes.

Atticus Conway stepped on the mound first for Hounds, allowing four hits and two runs (one earned) over 3.1 innings, striking out six and walking two. Providing relief was Brian Lehman who struck out over half of the batters he faced (4/7), allowing no runs.

The big ol’  second inning, featured 10 runs and a trip and a half around the order, five different Hounds providing RBIs (Cantor, Thompson, Lehman, Riggenbach, Burch, and Cantor again).  After the big inning, the Hounds put up 2 in the third and 2 in the fifth on a Correa double-shoulda-been-a-triple (the manager is still learning how to run the bases) to secure a shortened game. Overall, the Hounds would amass a whopping 17 hits in the game. Thompson, Kruse, Correa, Jessee, and Riggenbach each popped a double and Kruse and Burch each tallied 3 RBIs.

They will look to continue the offensive explosion into the next game, a contest feature the rival Electrons Saturday morning at the Alley.