Sloppy Fifth Dooms Dogs

The Hounds let the first of the rivalry series slip away, committing five errors, leading to a 6-3 loss to the Electrons on Sunday morning at Winnemac Park.

Regular as church, Atticus Conway took to the hill for the start. While the righty uncharacteristically allowed 3 walks (a season high), he allowed no earned runs, stranding 6 ‘Trons on base.

The Hounds battled for a run in the third, breaking the stalemate on a Samuel Ortiz (2B) line drive, driving in Tim “Don’t Call It a Comeback” Riggenbach (RF) who reached on a smoked double. The Hounds cruised until the 5th, when disaster struck. The inning started with an error spoiling an 0-2 swinging bunt, the error was followed up by an error, that error was followed up by walk, that walk was followed up by another error (+1 run). A groundout scored 2 freeloaders and a single scored another. When the Winnemac dust settled, the Hounds were facing a 4-1 deficit. The next half-frame Hounds offensive response was snuffed early, when a Burch (1B) ROE and Bandi (EH) single was erased by an ill-placed friggin’ Riggin'(bach) line-drive double play.

The sixth brought the Hounds debut of Eric Frontzak, pitching in relief. The hard-throwing righty held the Electrons to 1 run. The Hounds planted another comeback seed in the bottom of the inning. The Hounds resisted disappointment following an unfortunate out on a too-far-rounded-first-base-tagout by racking up three consecutive hits. “Cap” Jesse (CF) started with a single and was immediately brought around on a deep triple by defending Hounds MVP Greg Sells (SS). Perennial maybe-next-year-MVP Arron Kruse (3B) made his 2023 MVP case by knocking in his teammate to bring the game within 2 before the inning ended. Unfortunately, a lead-off walk lead to an RBI and some insurance for the opponents, and the rookie reliever, still adjusting to the Winnemac “mound,” surrendered a few more walks to open the door for a Jules Cantor relief opportunity. Entering the game with 1 out and bases loaded, the bonesnapper secured a K and induced a pop-up to keep the game within reach. The Hounds offense could not muster much of anything before their 21st out was recorded, and the score remained 6-3.

The Hounds, now 5-2, sulked over to K’s, where they were promised pizza. Alongside friends and family (numbering nearly 30 in total), the Hounds commiserated on their sponsor’s patio with tobos de High Lifes, Freshies, and High Noons before chowing down on their consolation prize. Errors can and will be fixed. The Hounds will head to Walther Lutheran Tuesday afternoon to take on the Blazers.