Owemrin Powers Hounds Past Marlins

Brandon Jessee (LF) and Phil Oweimrin (RF) homered and grand-slammed respectively to power the Hounds past the Marlins 9-7, the knocks accounting for 7 of the 9 RBIs.

Colin French made his designated weekday start, holding the Marlins to 3 earned runs over 5 innings of work.

The Hounds went tit-for-tat in the first, with the Doggos responding to a solo-shot HR (the only Marlins’ on the day) with an RBI sac-liner by Garrett Eddy (CF). After a nil top half, thanks to a French K-trio, the Hounds came alive, Brandon “Cap” Jessee blasted his round-tripper leading off the inning, while a subsequent pair of walks sandwiching a PZ (1B) double led to a bases loaded opportunity for Phil “O” weimrin. He lofted a deep drive to left, and, although the left fielder’s bad jump gave brief pause, the ball was long gone and the Hounds were on top. Lehman (LF) and Kruse (3B) combined for some insurance, capping the 6-spot. The Marlins scrapped a few, the Hounds scrapped a few, but despite the score being mathematically close, it was not spiritually close as the good guys maintained confidence throughout the contest. Relieving righty rookie Kameron Miller closed the book on the game, allowing only 3 hits in 2 innings of work.

As if they were little leaguers, the Hounds celebrated the victory with ice cream.The Hounds will begin rivalry season on Sunday, opening their series against the Electrons Sunday morning at Winnemac park.