Hounds Leave 9 on base in Loss to Sox

The Hounds gave up an early lead from which they could not recover, dropping the game against the White Sox 4-2 on Saturday morning at Winnemac.

It was an achievement the game was played at all, with the Chicago public park retaining puddles from the latter half of the week. But thanks to some elbow grease and an emergency delivery of diamond dry by Tony “Big T” Correa, the game went on (albeit with a slight delay).

Unfortunately, that’s where the happy story ends for the Hounds on the day. Despite a game preserving pitching performance by Japheth Bandi (P/RF) and Colin “C-French” French (RF/P) and a solid 1-error defense, the Hounds could not get a lead, thanks to an offense that stranded 9 runners and put up only two runs. Perhaps exemplifying the day, the Hounds finished the game with runners on second and third, representing the tying runs.

After the loss, the Hounds record dropped to 5-5-1, technically under .500 thanks to the earlier tie against the Sox. They look to bounce back against rivals Electrons back at Winnemac Sunday morning.