Hounds Outpace Electrons to Take Game 1 of K’s Cup Series

Powered by a 11 hits to 6 deferential, the Hounds defeated the Electrons on Winnemac Park Wednesday afternoon to go up 1-0 in the battle for K’s Cup.

Hounds’ starting pitcher Colin “Lefty” French (P) struggled early to find his way on the unconventional Winnemac “mound,” leading to an early Electrons 4-0 lead. The Hounds offensive, however, chugged along, putting up 2, 1, and 3 runs in second, third, and fourth innings respectively. Four Hounds finished with multiple total bases in the game, Tim Riggenbach (RF), Matt Burch (EH), Tony Correa (C) (each with two hits a piece) and Pedro Rondon (DH/3B) who crushed a double to mark his multiple base day. Also marking a return was manager-emeritus Matthew Steffens (2B), who selfless offered to be substituted after notching a hit (and a run) in yet another season. Responding to the last gasps of the Electrons offense, two runs in the fifth, the Hounds took back the lead with an RBI by Greg Sells (SS). Following in French’s footsteps for relief was Arron Kruse, who blanked the Trons in his two innings of duty to secure the win.

The Hounds ate free post-game pizza provided by their sponsor until rather late for a Wednesday night. The Hounds plan take on the Dodgers in a DH at Simeon on Saturday.