Hounds Nab First Win of Season

The Hounds, snapping back to normal, picked up their first victory Wednesday night versus DegenerateX, shutting out the purples 4-0.

Tim Riggenbach (P), who, along with wife Anne O’Neill, finally returned from an extended trip to the emerald isle, squared off against what may be the only pitcher DegenerateX has ever had. The Hounds vet shined, holding opposing batters to no runs, 1 hit, and scratching 8 strikeouts.

The Irish was aided by a much improved defense behind him who contributed not 1, not 2, but 4 double plays, nevermind that one of these doubleplays included an assist by umpire Laguardia Cooper. Venezuelan compatriots Alberto Martinez (1B) and Pedro Rondón (SS), making their first starts at their respective positions, combined for half of the double-play total themselves. The rookie firstbaseman had a day, stealing a pop fly from infrequent second baseman Matt Burch, finger tip catching a linedrive, and providing multiple digs and stretches to secure putouts while leading the offense with 2 RBIs. Arron Kruse (3B/P) closed out the game with a high strike percentage attack (78.6% and offering no walks), sealing the shutout for the Hounds.

Multiple Hounds (escorted by fans Ariana Rondón, Laura Grieger Burch, and Melanie Harmon) convened at sponsor K’s Dugout for multiple celebratory buckets (and one whiskey on the rocks). The weekend features two games for the Hounds, the first back at Winnemac Saturday morning against the Vikings, and the second over in Park Ridge to face the Marlins.