Hounds Hand Expansion Team First Victory

Starting late and playing on Winnemac “Diamond #4” due to a conflict with Amundsen High School, the Hounds dropped a darkness-shortened contest to expansion team Blazers by a score of 5-7 on a warm Tuesday night .

Rookie Atticus Conway (P) got the nod and turned in an admirable performance (in front of his Mom, who biked all the way to the game and friends who also biked to the game), holding the Blazers to 1 hit and notching 6 strikeouts over 3-1/3 innings of work.

Unfortunately, the Hounds did not lend many favors to the starter, combining for 6 errors and making a handful of untimely baserunning blunders. The Hounds did make a last inning grasp for the victory scoring two, but they needed 4 and were left short at the end of four innings.

Perhaps the Hounds could have used 3 more innings to secure a comeback, but the sun would not allow it, and the Hounds were treated to an display of earned exuberance from the victorious expansion club. The Hounds look to bounce back vs DegenerateX, hopefully on the big diamond this time.