Team Effort Sinks Trojans as Hounds Sweep Doubleheader

The Chicago Hounds took a full 6 points off the Trojans yesterday at Winnemac Park, putting together 17 solid innings of baseball (6 in game 1 and 11 in game 2) during the season’s first doubleheader. The Hounds won game 1 by a score of 12-nil and game 2 by a score of 4–3.

Mike “Two” DiCola (actually #28) had the start in game one and pitched five impressive innings, striking out seven–eight, actually, if you count the guy he struck out twice in the same at bat. (“Get back up there and I’ll strike you out for real.” Gil the ump was not amused but didn’t even make an effort to stop it and I have no earthly idea why the batter returned to the plate in light of the game Mike was having; he had been perfect through three.) Arron Kruse (3B/P, #11) took over in relief at the top of the 6th, in a three-up/three-down final frame.

The Hounds were equally strong at the plate and in the field in game one, with notable performances from a French, Aiden (SS, #12), and Gumbi (Nick Schmidt, EH, #23). RBIs were awarded to T.J. Rinaldi (RF, #1) (3 RBIs), Brian Lehman (LF, #2) (3 RBIs), Kruse (2 RBIs), Tony Correa (C, #13 (and #1 in my heart)) and Gumbi (3 RBIs). Tim “Riggs” Riggenbach (RF, #8) raked (in the agricultural sense) like the hero that he is between half innings, almost certainly leading to a Winnemac hop RBI late in the game. (For those scoring at home, this is properly scored as “1B + WHRBI.”)

The book for game 1 was kept by PZ (Phil Zelenka (LF, #21)), until he entered the game in the 6th. Kruse kept the book in game 2, assisted by Gumbi and Max Kiefer (DH, #99).

The Hounds were supported by many fans in attendance, including Haley and her friend; Amanda and her friend; the Lehman, French, Kruse and Kiefer fathers and one mother; Anne and Melanie.

Game 2 started with Alec Reinke (#14) on the mound, energized by his now-classic salami and cheese sandwich. Alec went three innings, with “Fancy” Joe Johnston (#20) behind the plate. Gumbi and Lehman pitched relief, with Lehman striking out 6 in the game’s final 5 innings.

Making his first appearance in the field since signing with the Hounds this spring, rookie Colin French (1B, #10) had three put outs in full day of work at first base. Also on defense, Nick Ingram (RF, #36) made a key out in the top of the 11th, grabbing a short pop-up to shallow right field. At the plate, Riggs drove in the game-tying RBI in the bottom of the 6th, atoning for his caught stealing home (attempted in honor of “The Brain” (Matt Burch, #6)) in the first. Maxwell K. singled in the bottom of the 11th to secure the second victory of the day for your Chicago Hounds.

Other notable facts and figures from the day:

  • temp at start of game 1: 79°F
  • temp at end of game 2: 33°C
  • number of Gatorades consumed by the Hounds in 16 innings of baseball: approx. 36
  • number of Hounds players, fans, umpires and interested passers-by that “took a walk in the nature preserve”: 8
  • Hounds current standing in the CMBA: 1st

Hounds face the Yankees at Winnemac at Wednesday, 5:50 pm start time. Let’s go!