Hounds Get It Done in the Rain

The Hounds were welcomed back from their brief COVID hiatus with a steady light rain throughout 5 innings of play on Wednesday night at Winnemac Park. The wet dogs managed to secure a 6–1 win against the newly purpled Ramirez (DX?) squad.

“Tough Timmy Toenails” Riggenbach (#8) took the mound and kept the Ramirezes quiet, allowing only one run over the five inning affair. Adjusting to the wet weather, Tim worked direct, nibbling infrequently, and relying on his fastball, totaling 17 first pitch strikes and 5 strike outs. The Hounds catcher, your very humble reporter Tony Correa (#13), scratched two would-be base thieves, one of which thanks mostly to the never-say-safe efforts of Matthew Steffens (2B, #5) who salvaged a bad toss to the SS side of the bag by rushing and diving across the base and completing the tag of an injured and slow Ramirez baserunner at second base.

At the plate, The Hounds were able to get an early 1st inning lead capitalizing on an error and an RBI ground out by the Hounds pitcher. Rookie Phil “PJ” Oweimrin (RF, #25) blasted a triple and correctly ignored calls by the peanut gallery of third base coaches to stretch it one more base. Also joining in the extra base hit party were Nick Schmidt (EH, #23) with a double and TJ Rinaldi (CF, #1) with a triple, the latter of whom nearly swallowed his coronavirus mask as he rounded first base. The Hounds maintained the lead as the rain continued to come, finally breaking the game open in the 4th and 5th innings with 1 and 3 runs respectively, capping the night’s scoring with a wild pitch taking of home by skipper emeritus Steffens. The bottom of the last inning seemed like a formality, with the opposing team going 1–2–3 in the final frame and the game ending on a tremendous sliding catch by Phil O. who seemed to be really feeling his oats today.

The Hounds look to take on the improved Garcia baseball Trojans in a twin-bill at Winnemac Park on Saturday.