Hounds get reprimanded at Outback

The Chicago Hounds are now 1-4 after losing 7-1 to the Marlins at SW Park.  As catcher Nolan Bielinski aptly said, “I’d like to say ‘good game,’ but . . . (it wasn’t).”

Highlight of the game came at the Park Ridge Outback, where the Hounds were given a verbal warning by the manager at Outback for being too loud and using a profanity.  In the bar.  But, as she said, “we have children here.”  And they did.  In the bar.

UPDATE: After this post, we received the following comment from a “Thumper MacDougal”

I witnessed this spectacle and I have to say, the Hounds were WAY out of line. These guys really need to class it up and understand their role in the community. Playing amateur baseball at their age comes with responsibility. You can’t just stroll into a quiet family establishment like an Outback Steakhouse and act like you own the place. One guy even ordered two beers at once. I tell you, this type of behavior has to stop. Maybe their manager needs to grow a backbone and put his Hounds on a leash, but this guy is probably the ringleader abiding by the same set of shitty morals his players had on full display in the bar that night. My wife and I were appalled. We were there to celebrate my daughter’s graduation from modeling school and her upcoming shoot in Argentina for Victoria’s Secret and she couldn’t take her eyes off these guys. #7 in particular. She was spellbound. My son told me he wanted to be just like those guys when he got to be 30+ and I just shook my head in disgust. Then one of them let an F-bomb slip and I decided to have a chat with the family next to us who were there to watch the Spelling Bee with their kids. When the manager gave them the boot I couldn’t help but slow-clap as all nine of them drifted slowly toward the exit. Good riddance and worst of luck in 2016, Hounds!