Hounds lose 3-2 in extra innings

Another disappointing walk off loss for the Hounds tonight at the gorgeous turf field at Columbus Park (under the lights), this time v. the Browns, and in extra innings to boot.

Great game, simply superb pitching from rookies Matt Burch (#6), Tim Riggenbach (#8), and the newly engaged Jeremy Schmitz (#3).  In the middle of the game the umpire asked Manager Matthew Steffens–“where did you get all of these solid pitchers this year? great recruiting!”  Schmitz in particular made some of the Browns batters look like Little Leaguers, never good when you completely bail out on a pitch in fear that turns out to be a strike!
Great defense by the Hounds as well, particularly from the infielders with key plays from Keith Richardson (#17, 1B) (multiple scoops, great assist), rookie Harold Honeyman-Bloede (#40, 2B) (diving play, amazing coverage of first on a 3-4 putout), and Steffens (#5, SS) (full out diving play on a line drive and multiple assists).
And the Hounds — as always, just crazy how this works each and every year (remember Josh Stahl, Chris Lawton, Marc Anderson, Jim McArthur, and Lucas McKinney, among others) — again, simply have the best catcher in the league–this time with rookie Nolan Bielinksi (#4, C), who had 3 assists–picking off a runner at first, gunning a would-be base stealer at second, and throwing another runner out at second on a bunt.  In addition, Nolan proved so strong at the plate that he got a rare intentional walk late in the game.
Overall a bummer since it was a loss, but the Hounds showed that they have an excellent team in 2015 as they went toe-to-toe with last year’s CMBA champs.
I cannot find the book/scorecard, so I cannot do a full write-up (this is all from memory), but suffice it to say, the Hounds played a fantastic game, just came up short, and look to even their record with a sweep of a doubleheader v. the Yankees this Sunday May 17 at Winnemac Park.  Game 1 is at 9:30 am, Game 2 is at 12:15 pm, see you there!