Final Week Split Puts Hounds at 3rd

In the last week of the 2023 regular season, the Hounds went 2-2, narrowly missing a chance at a first place finish but also escaping the cursed CMBA first round bye with the 3rd seed.

Thursday night at Laramie Park, they took on the Vikings, and despite taking an early lead, the Hounds allowed a comeback. Bandi looked sharp through 3 innings, but a 6-run 4th inning would tie the game, and a 3-run 5th inning put the Vikes up for good.

Following overnight rain, Saturday brought a half day of fieldwork before a postponement. Regrouping on Sunday for a bit of additional fieldwork and then finally a baseball game, the Hounds dropped their fourth contest against the Electrons for a series split. In a pitchers’ duel, Conway held the Trons to 3 hits and 3 runs, but the depleted 10.5 man squad scrounged 2 runs. With the loss, the Hounds dreams of first place were shattered, but their backup dream of 20 wins was still very much in play.

They took on the Marlins at Southwest Park in an unusual Monday game. The Marlins presented their “no-injuries” lineup, starting their manager on the bump and including other random defensive and offensive alignments. The Doggos and DiCola (SP) made easy work of the silver-plattered game, scoring early, scoring often, and securing a 16-run shutout. The victory was their 20th of the season, matching the franchise record set in 2020.

The final game of the season offered the league-last Jammers at Winnemac. Scoring every inning, the Hounds put the game away, but needed Daddy to work a full day. The fireballer chucked 135 pitches, striking out seven, and beaning a dad in jean shorts who wandered onto the opposing team.

After it all, the Hounds achieved a franchise best 21 wins, beating out 2020’s 20-win season. In fact, they did not drop a single series against any opponent, splitting only the Electrons and Marlins. The offense looks primed and the defense looks tight for the playoff run which begins Saturday morning at Winnemac vs. the White Sox.