Hounds Obliterate Milwaukee

The Chicago Hounds ventured to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to take on the Bangers of Milwaukee in an epic weekend road trip. The trip to Milwaukee was a first for the Hounds. The Hounds did not fail to bring the noise both on and off the field that weekend.


Most of the Hounds arrived to the Prospect Mansion on Friday night for pizza, drinks, Marlins/Cubs baseball, backgammon, and conversations about our safety in a visibly haunted house. After everyone arrived at the house the Hounds experienced Milwaukee nightlife a K’s doppelganger by the named of Hosed on Brady. The watering hole featured cheap drink deals, pool, darts, pull tabs, and an open Jukebox. The Hounds stumbled back to the mansion ridiculing the in-place manager over choosing Hosed on Brady over lively Jo-Cats.

On Saturday morning, accompanied with hangovers, the Hounds travelled to Milwaukee County’s beautiful Harvey Kuen field to take on the Milwaukee Bangers for game 1 of the Series. Since the game was an exhibition the teams were limited to a 5 run per inning rule as well as not advancing from 3rd base to home on passed balls. Colin French got the nod on the hill completing the first two innings with ease. Colin was followed by Eric Frontzak who completed 3 innings of dominant work. The game was closed out by solid inning of relief from Phil Oweimerin and an additional nice inning of work from Tim Riggenbach. The Hounds took care of business defensively and at the plate scoring 15 runs. 

The Hounds played excellent defense while rotating positions throughout the day. The game featured Tony Correa, Riggenbach, and Brandon Jessee at catcher. The game also featured Japheth Bandi and Atticus Conway at Shortstop. Additionally the game featured Frontzak at first base. Closing the game with a complete Charlie infield of Brian Lehman, Phil Zelenka, Aaron Kruse, and new for the weekend Hound Zen Iwankiw. The Hounds took care of business, tarped the excellent field, then headed to Garage on Brady for post-game eats and drinks.
On Saturday evening the Hounds and fans were invited to a Tailgate and Brewers Game by the opposing Milwaukee Bangers squad. The tailgate was a terrific experience with bathtubs of beer & soda, Gatorade jugs full of vodka lemonade & vodka cranberry, tacos, cornhole, and a DJ! In addition to the tailgate the Hounds were treated to a great game and experience at American Family Field. During the game a monsoon covered Milwaukee. Due to the monsoon, the stadium retractable roof experienced substantial leaking all over the field and stands. At points in the game there were sheets of water covering the Hound’s view of the game. The actual game was a classic that went back and forth between the Brewers and Nationals. The Brewers eventually won it with a no doubt 8th inning grand slam by Mark Canha. After the game the Hounds and fans finally made it to Jo-Cats for a raucous Saturday night out.

On Sunday morning, accompanied with hangovers, the Hounds cleaned the prospect mansion and ventured to Harvey Kuen field once again. After taking substantial rain, the field was attended to from 6-10 by a Milwaukee County worker by the name of Tony (just a coincidence). Tony the groundskeeper got the field in tip-top shape and ready to play about 30 minutes after scheduled game time. Game 2 of the series featured more positional rotation as well as at bats from Big T. This game featured Tony Correa, Pedro Rondon, and Aaron Kruse at Catcher. The game also featured pitching by Atticus Conway (2), Japheth Bandi (1), Brian Lehman (1), Kruse (1), Rondon (1), & Correa (1). Additionally, the game featured multiple hard hit balls from Erik Frontzak & Japheth Bandi. Along with this the game featured Pedro Rondon playing center field like Luis Robert Jr. Lastly the game featured Big T causing multiple disturbances on base paths.

After the game on Sunday the Hounds sought nourishment in the form of Bloody Mary’s and burgers at a famous Milwaukee staple by the name of Sobelmans. After the meal with full bellies, in tact pride, & complete exhaustion the Hounds headed home. Congratulations to the team for winning the last game of the season! The in-place manager was quoted after the series saying “Someone has to lead this team to victory the last game of the season. If you are unable to do that as a manager, you may as well play dartball in Lockport. Even though that game is impossible.” The Hounds are now set to train their asses off for the next CMBA season.

Enormous thanks are needed to all that participated.

To those that missed the weekend, we missed you. Thank you to all the partners for taking part in such a wonderful event. Thank you as well to the Correa, Frontzak, Lundgren, & Lehman families for being so supportive once again! Lastly, thank you to the Milwaukee Bangers. This weekend would not have happened without them and we are grateful for their dedication to the weekend. If this writer is missing anyone he apologizes. This writer is curious of how the Hound’s would fare at 2024’s King of the Rock Tournament in Franklin Wisconsin.

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