First Hounds Campout a Rousing Success

The Hounds enjoyed some midsummer R&R Saturday afternoon, assembling in sunny Lockport, Illinois for the squad’s first (annual?) campout.

Players and families started arriving at the Correa family compound around 2PM, starting with rookie Eric, Mary Ann, and John Frontzak, followed closely by elder statesman Max Kiefer and his tin can camper. The festivities lasted nearly 24-hours when next-elder-statespeople Tim, Anne, and Gloria Oneill-Riggenbach shuffled out.

In those intervening hours, along with drinking, and then drinking more, the Hounds engaged in a myriad of activities. After laying on a good buzz, the Doggos made their way to a makeshift diamond and “organized” an exhibition 16-inch softball game. P “Universal 16-inch Champion” Z started on the bump, and Greg Sells was able to sneak away from Chikki a spurt at a time to dazzle on the field (of course, with the assist from Pallavi). 

Following the game – which could not declare a winner due to its loose 4-team format (or was it 5 teams?) – the guests were treated to a grilled smorgasbord courtesy of Tom “No Son Needed” Burch who refused to let Matt’s vacation stop him from coming. After sopping up the dinner with a few more brewskis, the team split into two for a bit of “few rules” volleyball, where Joe Malafronte “politely” “coached” partner Grace and Melanie Harmon hammered aces. As the sun set, people migrated towards the fire pit, and PZ kicked off the sacrificial burning of broken bats.

In the campfie smoke, the night air buzzed with salsa music, they toasted shots of Diplomatico rum, and Pedro Rondon doled out championship-cup servings of High Life. The night concluded with a bit of dartball which proved impossible playing by the rules, and impossibly fun playing by throw-it-as-hard-as-you can as showcased by Hans Hetrick. The days’ honorable mentions go to Phil Oweimrin, Samuel Ortiz and Joseline, and Arron “Take My Tents” Kruse.

Big thanks to Mama and Papa Correa for hosting everyone at the homestead. Besides preparing the facilities all week, the duo also offered delicious crunchy mac and cheese and shuttle trips to/from the designated parking.

As one (unnamed) Hound put it: “The Hounds no is baseball team, Hounds is the family.”

The Hounds return to baseball Tuesday night with a game against the White Sox at ComEd field.