Hounds, Conway Sear Marlins

In a return to (somewhat) more competitive play, the Hounds skewered the Marlins on Father’s Day morning at Southwest Park in a 9-2 victory, thanks to some dazzling pitching and offensive fireworks.

Taking the start on 7 days rest, Atticus Conway (P) pitched a gem, giving up only two runs and a remarkable zero home runs. He showcased a pleasing efficiency, requiring only 88 pitches for the complete game victory.

The Hounds T-ed off offensively, collecting 11 hits. Greg Sells (SS) put his persistent good wood to use, sending a long ball over the left field fence for a 3-run home run, and Brandon “Veteran Presence” Jessee (EH/RF) continued to stay hot, hoarding 6 total bases, four of which on his own no-doubter HR. The bash brothers were joined by charlie Arron Kruse (3B), who’s starting to pick back up with his usual productive self with a multi-hit day and Pedro Rondón (DH) who contributed a 2-run scoring single on his 3 RBI day. The Hounds as a whole were patient and smart, the hallmark of a good (and, scarily, improving team), drawing 10 walks at a rate of nearly 80% quality at-bats. The Marlins made a half-hearted attempt at a comeback in the ninth, scoring a run, but Atticus provided the day’s final punctuation on a called third strike paraded down Broadway for a K of the clean-up hitter.

Before the fathers in attendance, Big T (+Linda), Mr. Kiefer (+Mr, Mrs, and Ms), and Carl Riggenbach, the Hounds improved to 8-5-1 on the year’s campaign. A team delegation assembled for post-game food and drinks where the Hounds (and Susie and Laura) introduced the new-to-America Pedro and Adriana to the fine American fare of Hooter’s Restaurant. The Doggos will enjoy a few days off before taking the field again against the Blazers on Thursday afternoon at Winnemac Park.