Hounds Take Sox to the Cleaners

The Hounds offense bounced back and broke out on Saturday with a decisive 18-6 win over the White Sox at Winnemac Park at an unusual 3 PM start.

Resident beanpole Atticus Conway got the nod and cruised for the Hounds, turning in a playoff-caliber performance, surrendering only 1 earned run in the complete (6-inning) game and wasting few pitches (a 70% strike clip for only 1 base on balls). 

After the first inning, the Hounds found themselves in 1-0 hole, but they would not allow that deficit to last. They proceeded to papercut their way to a lasting lead for a 6 run second inning, thanks to a middle-to-bottom-of-the-order conga of singles, capped by RBI singles by Phil Zelenka (C), Hans Hetrick (EH), and second-leadoff-hitter Colin French (LF). Piling on in the 3rd and the 4th, Venezulean power duo Pedro Rondón (3B) and Alberto Martinez (1B) combined for an inside-the-park home run a-piece, balls hit so far that even Pedro and Alberto could leg them out for home runs. A brief scare came in the fifth inning, when a pair of Sox Texas-leaguer flares catalyzed into a five run posting, which could have been worse if not for Brandon Jessee (CF) throwing his entire frame into the air to snag the sorely needed second out of the inning, an effort which earned a conspicuous hat tip by the starting pitcher. The Dogos quickly neutralized the scare in the following inning, however, scoring the same the following half frame in a two -out effort, including a walk and a run from the out-of-retirement T.J. Rinaldi (RF). His emotions calmed by the rally, the rookie starting pitcher closed out the game, converting the next 6 of the next 7 batters to outs, but not before Brian Lehman (2B), not wanting to be left out, blasted a round-tripper himself (although it wastechnically a triple with an error, as noted by new digital scorekeeper Melanie Harmon)

Familiar face Amanda Mordacq (2021) joined the Lehman family as spectators of the rout. The Hounds closed out the afternoon with a few buckets at K’s, accompanied by some Sox, as per their prior agreement. The Hounds now rest for their guerra tomorrow against the Electrons, weather permitting, tomorrow morning at Winnemac.