Hounds Pay the Toll, Get Trolled by Trons

The Hounds just couldn’t win ’em all against the Electrons, falling 6-2 in a Saturday morning game at Winnemac that just never felt graspable.

A newly mustachioed Steve Szymanski started the game and looked a little less sharp than in previous outings, allowing 4 earned runs over 5 hits and 2 walks before leaving the game with some discomfort in his arm. The Electrons manufactured runs in 4 of their 6 half innings, thanks to five allowed steals, each one of which eventually resulted in a run. But, when the Electrons weren’t stealing, the Hounds turned double plays, with Pedro Rondón (2B) and Brian Lehman (SS) combining for two twin-killings. Arron Kruse (3B/P) pitched in relief, and performed in usual fashion, tossing for contact and outs, holding the opponent to just 1 additional earned run.

The offense, as much as there was, was lead by Alberto Martinez (1B), who scorched two line drive singles, one of which counted for an RBI in the Hounds insufficient comeback seventh inning. Frustratingly, the Doggos couldn’t scrounge together much else despite hitting the ball hard, fittingly ending the game on a lineout with men on first and second.

After the game, the Hounds grudgingly ate pizza at opposite sides of the outdoor patio at K’s Dugout. They will get another chance to be definitive K’s cup champions when they rematch the Trons on July 24th. In the meantime, they will take on the Marlins tomorrow at Southwest Park.