Hounds Spoil Sweep, Seize Comeback Win

The Hounds, scraping together 9 players and defying weather forecasts, outhit the rival Electrons 12-2 for a 6-4 comeback win on a wet Sunday morning at Winnemac Park.

A familiarly hung-over Tim Riggenbach (#8) started the game on the bump and held the opponent to 1 hit and 2 runs over 3 innings of work before handing off the ball to Alec Reinke (#14) who did the same over 4 innings of work.

The game was relatively quiet until the third inning when the Electrons broke the silence in the third inning with a 2-out 2-run double. The Hounds chipped away in the third inning, with an RBI single by “Mr. .600” Alec Reinke (#14, P and (unusually) hitting for himself!). Following up, manager-emeritus Matthew Steffens (#50, 2B) clobbered a double that was tempered by a stretching runner caught out. The demicenturion’s efforts were squandered when two more follow-up outs left him stranded at third base. Chipping more in the fifth, an RBI ROE by Brian Lehman (#2, LF/1B) tied the game. In the 6th, the tie was broken as the veteran Trons third basemen scored two on a double to left. Entering the seventh, the Hounds arguably batted around (sent 9 to the plate), scoring lead-off hits by “the lefties” Arron Kruse (#11, 3B) and Lehman with walks, a HBP, and fielders’ choices. The lead was first captured when Phil Oweimrin’s (#25, RF) bases loaded grounder FC led to a botched 1-2-3 double play. The wise veteran first base coach Reinke, running for himself, capitalized on the botch, advancing on the throw to first. Insurance was tacked on with an RBI jam shot fly by Brent Fukushima (#27, SS).

Although Reinke, playing reliever and closer, hit three batters in the bottom frame, the Hounds desperately clung on as Phil O one-handedly squeezed the final out with his heels on the walking path in right field.

The Hounds and Electrons met again at K’s Dugout for drinks and pizza, this time with the Hounds’ beers and grub slightly sweeter. The Hounds improved to 9-12 on the season and hold a 4-point advantage for the playoff cutoff over the Browns and Vikings. The Hounds will take on the third place 13-7 White Sox on Tuesday evening at Winnemac Park.