13 Walks Buoys Hounds Over Vikings

Tim Riggenbach and the Hounds benefited from a CMBA-rare well-called strike zone (but a not well called Rule 5.09 (a) (12)) with the Hounds hurlers out-controlling the Vikings by a margin of 13 walks to 4 in a 11-2 Hounds victory to take the season series.

Riggenbach threw a masterful game, allowing 2 hits, no runs, and notching 7 K’s (and one perfect changeup). Brian Lehman (#2, P/EH) closed out the game, throwing 73.9% strikes and ending the game on a strikeout.

The Charlies, a tight-knight biking posse, had a day, accounting for nearly half of the runs and RBIs. In fact, in the sixth inning, Lehman, Kruse (#11, 3B), and Zelenka (#21, RF) all occupied bases simultaneously before all scoring on the same Riggenbach double. Hounds elder statesman Matt Steffens (#5, 2B) added two hits, a run, and reliable defensive play, including a never-give-up 4-3 groundout and a beautiful fading flyout grab in shallow right field.

Some Hounds, plus WAG rookie Taylor Fukushima, WAG veteran Melanie Harmon, and dutiful scorekeep Joseph Malafronte (#17, IL) moseyed over to K’s dugout to celebrate the win where a wayward Electron gifted their CMBA rival a bucket of beer. The Electrons will have to wait their turn, however, as the Hounds take on the Vikings on Saturday and the Orioles on Sunday before meeting the Electrons at Winnemac on Thursday for game 1 of the K’s Cup Series.