Marlins Score Early, Score Big, Beat Hounds

The Chicago Hounds were stomped 16-8 by the Park Forest Marlins at beautiful Southwest Park on Sunday morning.

Multiple rarities, season, and career firsts took place on this sunny May 16, 2021:

  • Matt Steffens (#5, EH/2B/SS), Nick Schmidt (DH/P, #23, and reigning Hounds MVP) and Cole Thompson (C, #85/#24) made their 2021 Hounds debuts. 2021 marks Thompson’s first season with the club, and the 15th for Steffens; his first wielding his hot-off-the-press AARP card. Look out Outback;
  • Joe Malafronte (#22, LF) and Maximum Kiefer (#99, 1B) both launched their first career home runs;
  • Phil Oweimrin (#25, RF) dropped his first ball of the season. He did notably hit a rocket, and a fence prior to this point in the game;
  • Nick Schmid issuing no walks during a pitching appearance;
  • Jules Cantor (#35, 1B) went to first base on his first career hit by pitch, despite his objection;
  • A Hound not named Correa saw an inning behind the plate.

More common occurrences taking place during the showdown include:

  • Twenty four runs scored on eight home runs between both teams. Marlin Kevin Cahill (#9) feasted at the dish, smoking three long balls;
  • Eight total errors fumbled by both teams, split evenly at 4 a piece;
  • Andrew LaLuz bullying the Hounds;
  • Three apologies to opposing batters by Alec Reinke (#14, P);
  • Commissioner/coach Jeff P collected his fourth straight win against the Hounds, his first as a Marlin;
  • Tony Correa (#13, C) started the game behind the plate.

Overall, it was a rough outing for the Hounds, who trailed big for the bulk of the game (11-0 after the top of the 5th). The canines displayed some fight, scoring two runs in the bottom of the fifth, and adding another six in the bottom of the 6th inning, making the score 12-8. The Marlins nailed the coffin with four runs in the top of the 7th inning, giving us a final score of 16-8.

Fans in attendance included Mel, Anne, Laura, Bumper (along with faithful sidekick, Alec’s dad), player/fan Amanda, and Daisy (my invented name for Kruse’s significant other).

Join us this coming Friday as the Hounds face the Dodgers (Pirates) at Simeon in Chicago. As starting pitcher Alec Reinke agreed after the game, this will be another opportunity to start a new, positive streak.