Not-Tedlund Grand Slam Dooms Hounds

The Hounds undefeated season came to an end on Sunday, as a late rally was unable to erase a 6-run deficit in the 7th inning at Walther Christian Academy.

On the new bump, new Hound Jules Cantor (#35) was baptized into Houndom by allowing his first HR to Jake Tedlund in the second inning. The outing for Cantor was otherwise successful, holding the Birds to 3 hits and no walks. Alec Reinke (#14) provided relief in the third inning and notched 4 strike outs. Reinke could be blamed for only 3 of his charged 4 walks, as Hounds manager, Tony Correa (#13, C) could not, would not, allow Jake Tedlund to swing with the game tied and two runners in scoring position. The juju, however, was transferable, as the walked Oriole would score on a later grand slam.

On offense, the Hounds drew first and last blood. Brian Lehman (#2, CF), Brent Fukushima (#27, SS) Arron Kruse (#11, 3B) tag-teamed singles to score a run in the first, and in the seventh, the Hounds mounted a unsuccessful comeback, scoring 3 on singles by Kruse and Max Kiefer (#99, 1B) before recording the third and final out. The Hounds offense was befuddled in the second inning by a bases-loaded  liner apparently trapped on a bounce by the Orioles 3rd baseman resulting in three force out triple killing.

A few Hounds took to local restaurant Russel’s Barbecue after the game to enjoy some meats in the beautiful spring weather.

The Hounds look to make a quick rebound Thursday afternoon at Maywood against the Vikings.