“Long” Ball Does Hounds In

The Hounds fell victim to Jake Tedlund and a bunch of guys wearing the same shirt on Sunday afternoon by a score of 7-3.

The Big Sky righty held the Hounds to 1 run on the day. Alec “Outlier Charlie” Reinke (#14) went toe-to-toe with the arch-nemesis, notching 5 Ks of his own and allowing only two more hits. Prior to the game, Hounds historians Matt Burch (EH, #6) and Matthew Steffens (2B, #6) surveyed the Protestant sandlot, finding the right field porch to be 93 paces from home plate (some quick math determining it to be approximately 254 ft). Perhaps related, the Norridge Tedlunds would bang 3 HRs on the day (one of which hit by the namesake, and one of which was actually legitimately crushed to left). Alas, only one team blooped any home runs, and it was not the Hounds.

The Hounds hoped this day would be different, immediately scoring leadoff man Brian Lehman (SS, #2) on an RBI by Nick Schmidt (CF, #23) in the first inning. The next Hounds threat came in the third on a pair of consecutive singles by Brad Halperin (3B, #15) and Schmidt (who somehow remained doubleless), but the Hounds were unable to convert. The Hounds would remain quiet until Jake was relieved by Billy Tedlund in the 6th. A pair of consecutive doubles by Arron Kruse (1B/SS, #11) and Tim Riggenbach (LF, #8) led to a run. A ROE by Steffens would lead to another. However, the bleeding was quickly stopped when a stretching attempt for another run on the same play was snubbed out by a throw from first baseman Jacob Tedlund.

The Hounds hung tough, and were never quite out of the game. After a brief break to chop some wood after the game, Manager Tony Correa (C, #13) would eventually meet fellow Hounds at Russell’s BBQ for a few frosty mugs. The next game features the Browns on Tuesday at Winnemac.