Hounds infuriate at Maywood

The clown prince of the Hounds Mike DiCola led the Hounds to victory in a 11-6 win over the Aviators at Maywood on Thursday evening. Unbuttoned, by mouth as well as by jersey, he quickly settled down after surrendering 4 runs in the first, allowing only 2 additional hits. Aidan French (SS/P, #12) closed the book on the night, putting the Aviators to bed with no runs, no hits and 4 Ks.

The Hounds answered quickly to the Aviators 1st-inning 4-spot with a 3-spot on a bases-clearing double by Phil “O” Oweimrin (RF, #25). DiCola helped himself by doubling and scoring in the third tying the game. The Aviators would score in the bottom of that frame, making the game 4-5.

Anne Riggenbach swiftly joined by bike (and basket) mid-game, ushering a comeback in the fifth. The Hounds combined for four runs on a series of singles from the top of the order: Aidan French, Arron Kruse (3B/SS, #11), Nick Schmidt (EH, #23), Tim Riggenbach (CF, #8). TJ Rinaldi (LF, #1) contributed with a sac-fly to add one run. The Hounds would put it out of reach in the fifth by adding 3 more runs on a inside-the-park-slid-headfirst-at-third-and-got-up-and-ran-home-home-run by Tim Riggenbach.

The tough-won game puts the Hounds at 8-1. They will step into the squared circle against Ramirez Baseball on Saturday morning, 9:30AM at Winnemac Park.