Opening Day 2020

The Chicago Hounds kicked off their 2020 CMBA crusade Sunday morning at Walther Religious Academy vs the Orioles. The air was nearly as hot as the Hounds’ appearance in their new jerseys. Unfortunately looks don’t always translate to runs as the Hounds fell 4-3.

The jerseys were not the only thing new on the diamond; Phil Oweimrin, Colin French and Brad Halperin all made their rookie debuts for the Hounds. Player-manager Tony Correa (C, #13) made his full-time managerial debut, becoming the second skipper in club history (first in Mel’s heart). Also, TJ’s (CF, #1) girlfriend made her long-awaited debut.

Not all was new as the Hounds suffered (what felt like) their 11th walk off loss to the Norridge Orioles on a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the seventh frame.

Notably for the Hounds, Matthew Steffens (2B, #5), sporting some villainous facial hair, became the 6th oldest player in CMBA history to record a hit when he roped an RBI single in the 4th inning. 2019 Hounds MVP Brian Lehman (3B, #2) picked up where he left off last season with two walks, and Colin French (SP, #10) recorded 7 strikeouts in 3 innings of work. The always-dangerous Rake Tedlund was held relatively quiet by the Hounds’ pitching staff, only notching two hits and two RBIs for the birds. Beyond that, the Hounds’ pitching staff chucked quite nicely only allowing 3 earned, striking out 8.

Also notably, a quarter stick of dynamite was thrown out of a car stopped just beyond the outfield fence. Had that fence been closer to home plate, we would have witnessed the first home run by a past or present Hounds manager, and I would be eating crow for lunch.

Overall, it was not the outcome the Hounds were hoping for, but a well-played game by both squads and a welcome return to baseball. It was great to see the team and hoards of fans (the Correas, Max’s squad, the triumvirate, Brian’s lady friend, Amanda, everyone else). The Hounds will look to get on the right track tomorrow night vs Ramirez Baseball in Maywood. See you there!