RIP Regular Season 2019

The Chicago Hounds were beaten by the Chicago Hounds 15-8 against the Taft Vikings in both teams’ final game of the 2019 CMBA regular season.

Vikings pitcher, Will Ribbins, battled on the mound, giving up eight runs on thirteen hits through 7. The Hounds cruised through the first 2 innings holding a 2-0 going into the bottom of the third. The turning point in the game came with the bases loaded, one out and an 0-2 count in the bottom of the second when the Hounds’ pitching staff got the yips moments after their starting pitcher was heckled by a man in the outfield.

Vikings batter Mitch Ramsey was struck by the very next pitch, Tom Stumpf then drew a four pitch walk, and Jacques Zoe and Peter Tilly were both hit by pitches ending the day for the Hounds starter. The first of the Hounds five relief pitcher’s had a tough day as well walking 4 batters on 19 pitches and drawing no swings from the pit of the Vikings order. At this point, the Hounds’ interim manager was spotted frantically pacing in the dugout. A source with the Hounds reported hearing the interim manager seek coaching advice from pitcher and apparent bench coach Casey Peterson a moment of complete and utter desperation. Hounds reliever number two faired better coming from behind the plate to navigate out of the treacherous bottom of the third. All in all, the ‘Kings pushed across 10 runs on 10 walks/HBPs and 2 hits in the frame.

Things improved for the Hounds from there as they only walked/hit seven more Vikings, allowing 5 runs while scoring 6 through the rest of the game.

Last night’s “Sound of the Game” was a quote from umpire David Henson to Hounds catcher number two in the bottom of the third. Let’s listen in:

“Ball!…..*whispers* my bad, I forgot how to call a strike.”

All is not lost for the Hounds, who finished the season 17-16, and will face off against the Pirates (presumably in Maywood) this upcoming Saturday in a sudden death wild-card game to get into the real CMBA playoffs.

On a side note, Happy 5th birthdays to Joe Johnston’s twin daughters who celebrated out at Taft. Thanks for the cake!

Also, apologies to Joe Johnston’s twin daughters who spent their 5th birthdays celebrating at Taft.

We hope to see you next time!