I am Italian Beefs (kiss kiss)

The Chicago Hounds secured a playoff spot yesterday with a 6-0 win over the now 20-11 Electrons in front of more than 20 rabid fans (including the entire Brent Schoenbach [#7, 3B] immediate family). The Hounds won the season series v. the Trons today 2 games to 1 and were awarded K’ Cup, a commemorative bottle of Jameson (“Product of Chicago”), and many Italian beefs.

Garrett Eddy (#22, P), who historically has played the outfield and has closed games before on the mound for the Hounds was the starting pitcher for the first time. He told catcher Tony Correa (#13, C) that he doesn’t normally start games on his other teams in other leagues either, but the Hounds were confident in his abilities. Indeed, as Eddy threw fewer than 100 pitches in a complete game dominant shutout win. Mastery. And, “Sit down, you were out!”

The Hounds offense was led by Kurt Kerrigan (#12, LF) (2 RBI triple), Matthew Steffens (#5, SS) (double), Eddy (single, double, Burch “double”, and RBI sac fly), Arron Kruse (#11, 2B) (Burch “triple”), and Schoenbach (2 singles).

The defense was sparkling today, including a fantastic 5-4-3 double play (Schoenbach to Kruse to Brian Lehman [#2, 1B]). Lehman has now played in every defensive position on the 2019 CMBA season.

With the win and a Yankees loss the Hounds have now secured a spot in the playoffs and are now fighting for home-field advantage v. the Pirates in the 1 game play-in game on Saturday August 3rd.
The Hounds play the second place Orioles today at Walther Christian Academy at 12:30 pm (change in time from the original schedule), we hope to see you there!