The Hounds won 13-1 in a 6-inning-slaughter fest v. Ramirez Baseball today. Everyone got in the game, the Hounds played well on offense, defense, and pitching. As always, we beat up the bad teams, but we are are .500 against the middle teams, and really struggle against the good teams. The 2019 CMBA playoffs are still a possibility, but it will require the Hounds to win as many of the last 6 games as possible.

But after the game, I was at K’s Dugout talking to the girlfriend of Mel the open mic bandleader and I remarked that it seems like a lot of the K’s regulars haven’t been around much the last few games. She told me it might be because one of the main regulars, the tall 36 year old guy who wore the Javy Baez “El Mago” jersey had died of an infection that started in his mouth from impacted wisdom teeth or some other issue of the like. 36 years old. Unreal. I was 36 the year I started the Hounds, in 2007. 12 years and 13 baseball seasons ago.

I must say that I feel very blessed (and no Nick Ingram, I do not use that word because I am religious, as I am not), I also feel lucky, fortunate, and blessed again. I come from a family that lives into their 90s, usually in good health. While this has been a trying year after losing my job, and now Meghan and I are moving to New Orleans so she can take a great job for her career, but that comes with stress and worry, I still feel incredibly blessed and lucky. This news tonight at K’s puts that even more into perspective.
So, hug those that you love, give that person you haven’t talked to in a while but still care about a call, because you never know. I actually heard from original Hound Kyle Koster today about the Hounds podcast, and that brought a true smile to my face and joy in my heart. People matter, you matter, make those connections, maintain those connections.

Back to baseball. The Hounds next play the Trojans at Maywood on Thursday at 5:50 pm. See you there, and we will do a dugout moment of silence for the guy at Ks who made it clear every time we were there that he really, really liked us.