So Many Possible Lead Stories

The Hounds are now 8-6 after defeating Ramirez BB at a wet and sloppy Veterans Memorial Maywood Park today by a score of 11-4.

So many possible lead stories

    Alec Reinke (#14, P) with a complete game win, despite begging to come out of the game because he doesn’t like hitting batters with pitches? (His request was denied.)
    Brian Lehman (#2, 3B) who has gotten on in seemingly every game, had a 9-in-a-row on base streak earlier, and went 7-8 in on-base in the doubleheader, inexplicably going 0-4? (It really seemed impossible.)
    Tim Riggenbach (#8, RF) taking second base on an E5 reach to first when no one on the team covered second despite the third baseman still holding onto the ball?
    Phil Zelenka (#24, DH) stealing 2 bases?
    Garrett Eddy (#22, CF) baiting a runner to try and score on a hit to center, and then throwing off-line for seemingly the first time in his Hounds career? (We all thought the guy was going to be hosed out at the plate.)

I think the lead story should be the complete game win for Reinke, but who am I to say? I leave it up to you.

The Hounds next play the Marlins tomorrow morning (Father’s Day) at 9:30 am at Southwest Park, hope to see you and the triumvirate there!