Hounds lose in darkness, and tonight’s game was darkened

Tonight the Hounds did not bring their A-game, and lost 11-4 in only 5 innings v. the Aviators in a game shortened by darkness.

Matthew Steffens (#5, 3B) spent time at K’s with 3 of the Charlie’s after the game: Brian Lehman (#2, SS, and according to Arron’s dad, the “talented and better looking” Charlie), Phil Zelenka (#24, 2B), and Arron Kruse (#11, Sub 3B).

Yes, this means the triumvirate (Mel, Laura, and Anne) and the regulars (Matt Burch, Tony Correa, and Tim Riggenbach [TJ was out today]) were so disappointed with tonight’s Hounds performance that they refused to show up. The defense was pretty suspect tonight, causing the starting chirper to throw way more pitches than necessary.

Were there highlights? Not many. Nelson Bowers (#48, RF) hit a very long triple to right field in front of his family, that was pretty cool (he also had 2 RsBI). Lehman, Correa, Burch, and Bowers all scored. Alex Mora (#16, EH) had a sac fly. Burch had a stolen base and an RBI and reached base on two errors. But other than that? Really not that much.

The Hounds play the Yankees 2 times this weekend–Saturday and Sunday, both games are at 12:15 pm at Winnemac Park. The Hounds look to sweep the weekend (and the 3 game season series with the Yankees) and get to 6-4 after their first 10 games.