Hounds are 2-2

The Hounds lost to the Vikings in a darkness/lateness-shortened game tonight by a score of 10-6 after only 5 innings. The Hounds now have a 2-2 record with 29 regular season games remaining in the 2019 schedule. The Hounds were down 10-5 going into the last inning that started at 7:58 pm (the CMBA bylaws state that an inning cannot start after 8:00 pm if the field does not have lights). The Hounds scored a run and had the bases loaded in the final frame with 2 outs, and Brian Lehman (#2, 3B) sent a rocket shot to center field that surely would have cleared the bases scoring 3 more runs, but the centerfielder for the Vikings stabbed it to end the game.

The Hound pitchers gave up a number of walks and the defense had several errors (including 2 in 1 inning by your faithful correspondent), allowing the Vikings to score more runs than their team really deserved, but that is baseball.
Rookie Alec Reinke (#14, P) had a solid first inning in his first appearance as a Hound.

The Hounds batsmen were led by Nelson Bowers (#48, DH/EH) who had multiple line-drive shots today–as several Hounds stated: “he’s back!” Casey Peterson (#30) also had a pinch hit single in his first at bat as a Hound.

There were a lot of Hounds fans at the game today (and one even went straight to Ks Dugout, bypassing the game entirely), and Tony Correa Sr. treated them all to Miller High Life’s after the loss at the darkened but still beautiful Winnemac Park. The Charlies played Spikeball (or roundnet, see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roundnet) after the game, but Matt Burch (#6, 1B) was having none of it. The Steffens/Tallent-Bennis’s and the Correa/Harmon/Coomers then shared fried rice and potstickers at K’s.

The Hounds next play the Marlins on Sunday 5/19 at 9:30 am at Southwest Park. We hope to see you there.