2019 Hounds Team MVP and Cy Young

The votes are in!

The two award winners this year are members of the Charlies, truly a shot-in-the-arm for the Hounds. The rookies made a splash early in their CMBA career. The future looks bright for these two young players and the Hounds.

Chicago Hounds 2019 MVP: Brian Lehman

Brian quickly seized his rightful place atop the Hounds lineup. He played in 28 games, slashed .402/.596/.500 for a OPS of 1.096 and 16 stolen bases, and an incredible walk rate of 20.2% over 104 PAs. “Best Eye in the League” indeed. He also made the rounds on the field, playing every defensive position, including several successful pitching appearances.

Chicago Hounds 2019 Cy Young: Alec Reinke

Alec started the year with some elbow soreness, but managed to nurse himself to health and lead the Hounds in innings pitched (42) and innings per appearance (4.7). His 5 different pitch types fooled batters and catchers alike. He had three complete game wins over consecutive starts, capping with a clutch win against the standings rival Pirates at pivotal point in the season. He made 9 starts recording 44 strikeouts and finishing with a whopping 2.3 apologies per HBP.