Only 6 games to go

The Hounds lost to the CMBA leading Red Sox 6-2 today, and are now 14-12 with only 6 games left in the 2018 season. The Hounds are fighting the Pirates and the Aviators for a spot in the playoffs.

Alex Garcia (#10, P) pitched a complete game today, but just didn’t get the run support from the Hounds batters. Tim Riggenbach (#8, LF) and Matthew Steffens (#5, SS) hit the two hardest balls on the day, but both were for outs. Riggenbach and Steffens scored the only Hounds runs — Riggenbach after reaching on a perfectly placed bunt, and Steffens after reaching on a hit-by-pitch directly on TJ Rinaldi‘s (#1, RF) elbow guard.

Tony Correa (#13, C) and his grandma simply couldn’t bring the Hounds to victory today.

Here are the final 6 games of the year–all are must wins–and we hope to
see you there: