Hot DH Win

The Chicago Hounds defeated the Winnemac Cubs 10-7 and 17-6 in a doubleheader at Winnemac today, with temperatures of 100+ degrees all day. The umpire in the first game passed out and luckily some of the Hounds are trained as EMTs and they came to his aid as the paramedics were on their way. Thanks in particular to Alex Mora (#16) who was not scheduled to be at the game but showed up just at the right time–he and Captain Puerto Rico Stephen Correa Jr (#20) and TJ Rinaldi helped Carlos the ump as Matt Burch (#6) called 911 for his second time at Winnemac Park.

Burch led the Hounds offense–seems like he had an extra base hit every time up. Max Kiefer (#21) crushed the ball as well today, but also tweaked his hamstring. John Lundgren (#34) played two solid games at short. Tony
Correa (#13) continued to hit and drive in runs from the top of the order. Jonathan Garcia (#27, #10, even though he is #35) got into the act offensively as well, while playing a quality third and second base. Matthew Steffens (#5) had a couple hits and drove in a few runs, and pitched all 13 innings for both wins. Mike DiCola (#28) had important news.

Tony’s dad (Anthony) umped the rest of Game 1 after Carlos was taken to the hospital in the 5th inning, and Anthony called the entire second game as well–he called a fair game but also kept giving the Hounds pitcher advice (he was calling the game from behind the mound). He also encouraged a speedy end by calling all close plays outs, stating clearly, “Let’s get this game over, I have some beers to drink.” Tony’s parents brought everyone sandwich fixings, feeding the entire team, many fans (our best showing of the year), several members of the Cubs, and then they brought the eats to K’s Dugout where we ate again (and even some inebriated
Electrons had a bite or two as well).


The Hounds are now 9-5 and in second place in our division, and play the 11-4 Browns at Proviso West tomorrow at 11:45 am. Hopefully it won’t be as hot in terms of temperature, but the Hounds do hope to continue their hot winning streak, having now won 5 in a row.


See you there!