Happy Jake Day

The Chicago Hounds lost bigly to the Orioles today, I am not sure of the score but it was lopsided. Former Hound Jacob (Jake the Snake) Tedlund was a one-man wrecking crew for the Orioles, getting the win on the mound, and hitting a 2-run home run to left, and a grand slam to right.

Thrill of victory, agony of defeat? Win some, you lose some? Lots of sayings to use here, but I think the “anonymous” report from Tony’s dad says it all (see below).

Jake the Snake dominates the Hounds !
Game re-cap by : Anonymous reporter

Are you kidding me ? Although this reporter did not watch the game in person. I have just finished watching the game video for the 3rd. time. I would like to ask the Hounds front office where would they rank the pre-season cutting of pitcher /power hitting phenom Jake the Snake among the blunder list below ? Jake the Snake has been referred to as the CMBA version of Japan’s super star Shohei Ohtani.

Michael Jordon cut from his high school basketball team!
Mark Buehrle cut from his high school baseball team!
Oral Hershiser cut from both his high school and college teams!
Landon Donovan cut from the USA soccer team. ( this one is for Tim and Mel ).

And finally probably the biggest blunder. Who could forget when Tommy Chong was cut from “That 70’s show”. This reporter also received an anonymous tip that manager Mathew Steffens was seen puking into the ball bucket somewhere around the 3rd. inning.

What a weekend. Back to back historic days for the Hounds. In conclusion, please join me in wishing a speedy recovery to manager Matthew Steffens who needed to go to the hospital to receive an IV to replenish all fluids he lost due to uncontrollable weeping after the game.