MVP Daddy /Cy Young Staff

*Hounds MVP Matt Burch (#6) – 1B/P/2B*
Played in 28 games, batted in the 3 or 4 spot every game. Tied for the team lead in HRs (with 2), likely led the team in extra base hits and RsBI. Pitched 3-4 times when we needed him to. Played a solid 1B replacing Keith Richardson who had played there for years. Tried stealing home in the bottom of the last inning against the Red Sox when we were down 1 with 2 strikes on the batter, ending the game and starting our 6 game losing streak–but he got props from the team for being aggressive. Nearly unanimous MVP winner, helped that he voted for himself, but he didn’t need the vote.
*Hounds Cy Young*
The Hounds have a 3 way tie for our Cy Young candidate, which makes sense as we had no one player totally dominate with 3 strong starters and several others who helped eat innings. So, the Hounds candidate this year is the Hounds pitching staff.