Hounds are 4-2

I apologize for the lack of updates, I know I have failed you. I have heard the complaints. I will do better.
After the first month of the season the Hounds are a respectable 4-2.
We lost a close one tonight, 6-4 v. the newly revamped Yankees (many old players but also a new contingent from the DePaul club team). Despite only having the “sounds of the game” to support them, as neither Max nor “Fern” unclasped their boomboxes, the Hounds played error free ball and the 3rd scheduled pitcher (Joe Wietecha, #19), after 2 late cancellations, pitched a whale of a game, throwing 108 pitches for the first time since high school. In short, the Hounds played a fine game, but just came up short. Speaking of short, the Hounds shortstop struck out to end the game with the bases loaded. And struck out 3 times on the day, for maybe the first time in 15 years. Embarrassing. Yes, I am referring to myself. Matthew Steffens (#5, SS, Manager).
The Hounds hit into 3 double plays v. the Yankees–who seem to really struggle to find a store that sells Yankees hats–how hard is that?–two on lineouts in the infield, I blame the manager again here for not instilling the “freeze on a liner mentality” and the Hounds also had a rare runner interference play on a clear hit. These baserunning plays (mental/physical erros) did not help the Hounds’ cause at the recently revamped Winnemac Park (much thanks to the Cubs for funding the infield renovation!).
What did help the Hounds’ cause? Max Kiefer (#21, LF) walked twice and scored twice. Hounds rookie Alex Garcia (#9, DH) walked and scored, and singled in the final frame. Hounds veteran (and original 2007 player) TJ Rinaldi (#1, CF) reached on an error and scored, and Hans Hetrick (#18, 2B) had three singles–shockingly, including 2 to the 3rd base side of the diamond–and 3 RsBI. Rookie Nelson Bowers (#28, RF) also reached twice on an error and a single. Steffens also had a single and 4 chances at short (in between picking rocks the entire time on the new infield “dirt”).
So, not enough for a Hounds win tonight, but again, the Hounds are 4-2 on the young season (with 4 rainouts) and look to sweep this weekend as we play the Pirates on Saturday at 9:30 at Winnemac and the Aviators on Sunday at 9:30 at Winnemac. Hope to see you there!