Hounds beat Orioles 8-5

The Chicago Hounds defeated the Orioles 8-5 at Winnemac Park on a hot and steamy night on Tuesday. This report has been delayed by my suffering from a stomach virus the past few days.
Kurt Kerrigan (#12, P) hurled 6.1 innings, striking out 7, to lead the Hounds to victory, and Tim Riggenbach (#8, DH/P) closed out the game on 1.5 days rest to pick up the save. Luckily Anne had brought his gear and jersey, otherwise he was going to have to use the materials the team had cobbled together, including a mitt for the wrong hand.
Both teams hit the ball hard, there were a lot of extra base hits, line drive singles, and line drive outs. And some balls were just crushed, despite little to no wind.
The Hounds took an early lead in the first inning with Nolan Bielinski (#4, C) singling, stealing second, and Brent Schoenbach (#7, 3B) singled him in for the first run of the game. Keith Kerrigan (#10, CF) then had his first hit as a Chicago Hound, doubling in Schoenbach for the Hounds 2-0 lead. The Orioles batted around in the 3rd inning, scoring 4 to take a 4-2 lead, but also left the bases loaded. The Hounds countered with 2 of their own in the bottom of the 3rd, tying the game at 4-4. Bielinski doubled, Keith Richardson (#17, RF/1B) also doubled (according to the book, I actually remember it as a triple), scoring Bielinski, and then TJ Rinaldi (#1, LF) launched a ball into outerspace, but didn’t have enough gas in the tank to round the bases, getting thrown out at home (but the triple scored Richardson).
The Orioles scored another run in the 4th and again left the bases loaded, and the Hounds came to bat in the bottom of the frame down 5-4, knowing that they have won every game that they have scored more than 5 runs in, and knowing that in every single loss they have scored 5 or fewer. So the Hounds wasted no time with Tony Correa (#13, 2B) and Matthew Steffens (#5, SS) singling to start the inning. Stephen Correa Jr. (#20, 1B/EH) then bunted them over to second and third, setting up Garrett Eddy’s (#22, RF) two-run single, giving the Hounds a 6-5 lead. The Hounds tacked on some insurance runs in the 6th as Richardson singled, stole second, moved to third on a wild pitch, and scored on a single by Keith Kerrigan. The second Keith then scored on a double down the line by Correa (Tony).
The Orioles threatened again in the 7th inning, but once again the Hounds stranded the bases loaded as Riggenbach ended the game on a strikeout.
The Hounds next play tomorrow at the Kroc Center (White Sox field, apparently a somewhat replica of the MLB field) way down on 117th street. Game is at 7:15 pm under the lights. Anyone who lives south, we would love to see you there!