Hounds win!

The Chicago Hounds defeated the Yankees 10-2 today at Winnemac Park on an abolutely gorgeous spring/summer day in Chicago. The Hounds arrived early to take batting practice, and it was effective, as the Hounds pounded out the hits today on an easy win.
Tim Riggenbach (#8, P) got yet another win on the mound as he loves mopping up bad teams in the CMBA. Riggenbach unfortunately took a ball straight to the strawberry on the mound, and was not wearing a cup, which is an occupational hazard in baseball, but he survived to get the win. Not even a fire chief could help him, nor pickle juice. Joe Wietecha (#19, EH/P), Brian Hearns (#30, P) and new papa Kurt Kerrigan (#12, DH/P) each pitched an inning for the Hound win.
But the MVP of the game was Max Kiefer (#21, DNP) whose bluetooth boombox was both an inspiration for the Hounds and an annoyance for O’Casey Poulus, the old 3b-man for the Yankees. Kiefer (with DJ Matt Burch) was pumping out the music starting with BP, but O from the Yankees was not McLovin’ it. He said “I just don’t like that rock ‘n roll music, I just enjoy the sounds of the game.” And so the Hounds played a great speech from Field of Dreams, but that didn’t help, so we played Footloose and that didn’t help, but then O’Casey said he preferred organ music, so the Hounds played various organ tunes from baseball games, and everyone loved it.
The Hounds scored 5 runs in the first and the game was really never in question after that. Keith Richardson (#17, 1B) singled, Garrett Eddy (#22, RF) singled, and Mike Marra (#15, LF) reached on an error by the Yankee shortstop, scoring Richardson. Brent Schoenbach (#7, 3B) singled for an RBI (driving in Eddy) and then TJ Rinaldi doubled, scoring Marra. After a walk by Wietecha, Kerrigan singled, driving in both Schoenbach and Rinaldi.
The Hounds scored 2 more in the 2nd, as Nolan Bielinski (#4, C) reached on another error by the Yankee SS, Eddy singled, and Schoenbach singled, driving in Bielinski. Eddy stole second, and scored on an errant throw by the catcher trying to throw out Schoenbach at second on a steal attempt. In the 3rd, Kerrigan scored after reaching on a fielder’s choice and Matthew Steffens (#5, SS) doubled him home. Eddy scored in the 4th after singling, stealing a base, and was running to third attempting another steal as Marra grounded out to third, but Eddy just kept running all the way home for a rare RBI by Marra with a ground out and runner on second. Bielinski scored in the 6th after he walked, Richardson singled, and Schoenbach drove him home with a single.
The Yankees only scored 2 in the 6th and never threatened, the Hounds simply controlled the game all the way through.
The Hounds play again tomorrow v. the Red Sox, 12:15 at Taft. See you there!