Hounds win, 4-2 over Rangers

My wife asks me the same 3 questions after every game: (1) did you win; (2) did you play well; and (3) did you wear your sunscreen?
Today it was Yes, No, Yes.  (But, proud to report today, no McDonalds!)
The Hounds beat the Rangers today at Winnemac Park on the first truly beautiful day of the baseball season.  Conditions were ideal.  Just a gorgeous day.  The Hounds wore blue caps and blue jerseys for the second game in a row, and based on the result, will likely wear the same tomorrow.
The ballgame was supposed to start at 12:15.  At 11:55 I realized our starting pitcher (Jeremy Schmitz, #3) was not there, so I called him, and asked, are you coming to the game?  He said, it starts at 1:15, right?  Um, no.
So, Timothy Riggenbach (#8, P, 1-0) started–and COMPLETED(!) the game today, throwing a solid, solid, solid, 7 innings.  Riggenbach gave up NO earned runs today, as both runs scored via the error.  He struck out many (I am doing the write up from memory, not from the book), and really pitched a marvelous game.  Scott was the ump and I don’t know if it is because Tim is a lefty or what, but he called a great game, no complaints at all.
Riggenbach also led the team’s offense (parenthetically, it was really a total Tim game, which made the K’s Dugout experience after the game all the more sad, as he spent most of the time on the phone on work calls, but anyway) driving in a key run with a double.
New father Kyle Hanson (#2, 3B) scored twice for the Hounds, but more importantly, Hanson recruited Garrett Eddy (#22, RF) in the offseason, and Garrett threw an absolute classic throw-out show-out to Tony Correa (#13, C) at the plate in a crucial late inning to preserve the lead.  The Hounds thought of former players–Evan Young, Kyle Koster, and Kevin Robinson all come to mind–as the bullet from right flew across the diamond.  Oh, and Mike Mudd (#29, LF) completely, utterly, unconditionally fell in love.  Side note: Tony and Linda were super proud of the tag at the plate and hung out with the team after the game at K’s.
Other highlights today included Stephen Correa Jr. (#20, 2B) turning 2 double plays (including 1 unassisted) at second base, TJ Rinaldi (#1, CF) with a towering double as he continues to crush the ball, and Matthew Steffens (#5, SS) winning $20.00 on the Preakness at K’s Dugout after the game.
It was a clean, quality win today, and the Hounds face the Browns tomorrow at Mt. Carmel at 10:00 am.  Time to go 4-2!