Hounds suffer yet another 1 run loss

The 2015 Chicago Hounds are a good baseball team, make no mistake about it, record be damned. And yet, they suffered yet another 1-run loss today at Winnemac Park, this time 6-5 to the Marlins in only 6 innings (shortened because of the no inning can start after 8pm rule, employed in large part because the Marlins pitcher was the slowest pitcher we have ever faced–slowest in terms of time in between pitches, not the velocity of his throws–as Brent Schoenbach (#7, 3B) said, it is like he is trying to “decode a cipher” with every read of the catcher’s signs).
The Hounds were solid on defense and on the mound yet again. And this time the Hound batsmen scored 5 runs, which is pretty good against the Marlins, and considering the few runs the Hounds have scored this year. But, it wasn’t enough.
The Hounds stranded 3 runners at 3rd base, twice with no outs, and in the 7th inning, with only 1 out. That was the difference in the game. And, as Brent and I often do, we blame ourselves–this time it was me, up with the bases loaded in the bottom of the last inning–a hit and we win, and out and we lose, and I just didn’t get the job done. This after walking, getting a single, and having a great defensive game–but my takeaway will be letting the team down in the end. Such is this sport.
The Hounds got fantastic pitching from Jon “he turned out to be a 2-inning ringer” Rivera (#20, P). Rivera only allowed 1 run in his 2 innings pitched. We hope he moves from North Carolina back to Chicago to play with us next season. Max Kiefer (#21, RF/P) also pitched 3 scoreless innings in the 4th through 6th. Keith Richardson (#19 today, usually #17, 1B/P/LF) took the loss as the Marlins scored 5 runs in the critical 3rd inning as the Marlins batted around.
Richardson scored 2 runs for the Hounds in the leadoff position, and Schoenbach, Matthew Steffens (#5, SS) and Patrick Stacy (#16, LF/RF) also scored. TJ Rinaldi (#1, CF), Steffens, and Kiefer all had RsBI (Rinaldi had 2). Nolan Bielinski (#4, C) reached base safely 3 times (with a single and 2 walks), but was stranded on the bases all 3 times.
The Hounds have 2 games this weekend, and really need to get back in the win column. But again, despite the record, they are a solid baseball team. In a major league season of 162 games these 11 games would be but a blip. Small sample size and all that. Blah blah blah. The Hounds just need to get some wins.