Hounds Get It Done in the Rain

The Hounds were welcomed back from their brief COVID hiatus with a steady light rain throughout 5 innings of play on Wednesday night at Winnemac Park. The wet dogs managed to secure a 6–1 win against the newly purpled Ramirez (DX?) squad. (more…)

Selfless Hounds Win at Maywood

The Hounds extended their win streak to 2 with a 9-8 win over the Pirates at Maywood Park. (more…)

Darkness Delivers Umpireless Hounds Win

Hounds baseball returned to Winnemac on Tuesday night with a herald: Joe Clark, of local Jazz group Arcana, led the game off with a fantastic rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. However, a somewhat more necessary crew member, the umpire, did not make an appearance for the game requiring quick improvisation. The teams reached an agreement to have an out-of-the-lineup team member arbitrate the game from behind the mound during their team’s offensive half of the inning, and arbitrate first base calls during their defensive half of the inning. (more…)