Vasont returns, where is Dan Braz?

The Chicago Hounds welcomed back veteran Vasont Miller (#2, CF) today after a season’s absence from moving to South Carolina. Vasont is in for the Phish concerts at Wrigley, so we wondered, where is Dan Braz, is he here for Phish too?
The Hounds bounced back from last night’s loss with a 15-3 drubbing of the Rangers at Winnemac via the slaughter rule (game ended after 6 innings). As you may recall Miller patrolled the Hounds outfield from 2009 through 2014, and he didn’t skip a beat today, subbing for TJ Rinaldi (#1, CF) in center, and Miller had a single, a walk, and a run scored. A fine return. The game was never in question as the Hounds dominated from the start, and we swept the season series from the Rangers 3-0. (But to be fair, the Rangers had a much better squad today than the last time, so it was an even more satisfying crushing).
Vasont will be there for tomorrow’s game as well, might we see Kevin Robinson too? Again, Dan Braz? Mike Kavelski? Brian Zumwinkel? Bueller?
Lots of offense for the Hounds today, but one of the big stories was Mike Marra (#15, P) eating up some valuable innings on the hill. Matt Burch (#6, P) started, but his arm was feeling dead and he pulled himself in the 3rd. Marra was expected to only pitch 1 or 2 innings, but he made it for 3.2 innings, completing the game into the final 6th inning of the slaughter shortened game. With a lot of baseball in few days, this is huge for the pitching staff, as both Tim Riggenbach (#8, LF) and Kurt Kerrigan (#12, DH) will be fresh for tomorrow’s contest against the Electrons.
We play the 12-3-1 Trons in our 3rd and final contest at 12:15 pm at Winnemac tomorrow to decide the season series, be there or be square, we will have pickles, music, and of course, Hounds baseball.